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In the Laundry Room hang clothes right from the dryer. No more ironing.  Clothes stay wrinkle free when hung straight from the dryer.  Fold towels and sheets and place them on the Hold-It-And-Fold-It.  Then when you’re done, just fold out of the way.

 Great for cleaning fish.  So portable you can take it with you to your cabin.  It also hooks easily onto a wheel barrow for gardening.  Sturdy enough to hold your transplanting materials.

Have easy access to your tools while you’re using them in the shop or garage.  Clean up is a breeze.  Wash then air dry tools and paint brushes in ports designed just for that purpose.

Drainboard attaches to any freestanding laundry sink without the use of fasteners. There is no assembly required, take it out of the box, hang it on the sink and you’re ready to go. The HOLD IT AND FOLD IT Drainboard hangs on the front or either side of any utility sink and folds out of the way with no effort whatsoever.

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